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Thursday, April 7, 2011


THE UNINVITED (2008). Written and directed by Bob Badway.

A young woman, Lee (Marguerite Moreau), has overcome a kind of agoraphobia where she cannot have too much space around her (even indoors) and married a much older man (Colin Hay, a musician who should probably stick to music). The two have moved into an historical house (which hardly looks old enough to be "historical") when Lee starts having bad dreams. A friend tells her that several dead bodies were found in the house years ago, along with a "half-eaten baby." Then a young woman shows up with a gun demanding that Lee and her husband return her baby to her. And so on. Although there are interesting elements in the movie, they never jell, not only because the script isn't very good but because Badway's directorial style -- like his writing style -- is obtuse instead of linear. A good movie might have been made of this, but aside from a couple of creepy scenes this film has little to recommend it. The main trouble is that there's no real story here -- and it's boring to boot. Watch the 1944 The Uninvited instead.

Verdict: How not to make a horror film. *.

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Anonymous said...

This movie is not watchable as the plot is horrible. I was annoyed after watching it. It completely sucked me and I suggest to avoid this film at any cost.
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