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Thursday, March 11, 2010


THE NORLISS TAPES (1973). Director: Dan Curtis.

"Every time the house creaks, my skin crawls."

Publisher Sanford Evans (Don Porter) wonders what happened to his author David Norliss (Roy Thinnes) who was writing a book debunking the occult until he ran smack damn into a genuine supernatural incident: a woman's (Angie Dickinson) husband has come back from the dead and is attacking people, draining their blood like a vampire. The acting from the principals and supporting cast -- which includes Claude Akins as a sheriff and Hurd Hatfield from The Picture of Dorian Gray and Mickey One as an art dealer-- is good, and the movie has its creepy moments. The problem is that just as it begins getting interesting, the darn thing is over. This attempt to make a new series for Thinnes [similar to The Night Stalker] after The Invaders ended its run didn't pan out.

Verdict: Always nice to see Angie. **1/2.

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