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Thursday, March 18, 2010


THE BLOOD BEAST TERROR (1968). Director: Vernon Sewell.

In this interesting period horror piece, Peter Cushing plays a detective inspector, Quennell, who is assigned to a case in which bodies keep turning up drained of blood. There are reports of a huge, winged creature. Quennell encounters an entomologist, Dr. Mallinger (Robert Flemyng), and his pretty daughter, Claire (Wanda Ventham), both of whom seem to be keeping secrets. Going undercover with his daughter, Meg (Vanessa Howard), Quennell pursues the pair to another county, unknowingly putting his own daughter in danger. Although this has a fairly absurd premise, it is reasonably creepy and absorbing. The creature itself isn't too impressive at first, but it is suitably grotesque when required. Cushing is as good as ever and the other cast members are all quite professional and adept. Sewell's direction is mostly lacklustre, however.

Verdict: An unusual entry in the big bug sweepstakes. **1/2.


Colin said...

This movie gets a lot of bad press, mainly because of the lacklustre creature. It's incredibly hokey but still a fun time waster.

William said...

I agree. I've seem the darn thing three times and find myself getting caught up in it every time. Cushing helps, of course.

Thanks for your comment!