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Thursday, August 6, 2009


SUPERGATOR (2007). Director: Brian Clyde. Sci Fi Channel Original.

A team of volcanologists, including Scott Kinney (Brad Johnson), are investigating a dormant volcano when they run into a woman (Kelly McGillis) who for some reason created a prehistoric alligator which has escaped into the wild. This supergator comes to life -- if you can call it that -- through poor computer animation that makes it look like something in a video game. As the actors say their dull lines and pretend to be interested in things, the gator shows up sporadically to munch on some perfectly nice, screaming people who die in a welter of blood. Clyde and Frances Doel's terrible script even brings the hoariest of post-Jaws cliches: When the organizer of a resort luau hears about the gator, he refuses to shut down the event (like the beaches of Amity Island). This is worse than schlock, and seems about four hours long. This was produced by Roger Corman, but is much worse than any of the lovable fifties creature features he produced and directed. Clyde betrays little talent as director or writer. McGillis deserves better than to be stuck in junk like this.

Verdict: Watch Corman's Attack of the Crab Monsters instead. That was more entertaining, more inventive, and even the plastic monsters were more believable! *.

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