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Friday, January 18, 2008


ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS (1957). Director: Roger Corman.

This is it: a group of scientists are trapped on an island with two – count 'em – two giant crabs who are out to rule the world. These crabs are not only big but intelligent, as they have devoured all of the members of the previous expedition and absorbed their conscious minds and brain power. The crabs send out heat waves which cause explosions designed to shrink the size of the island so that their potential victims will have nowhere to run. It ain't Shakespeare, but this creepy movie is well-directed and much more imaginative than the general rampaging giant monster movie. It is also amusing without being campy. The giant crabs are as adorable as they are ugly – they even have big eyes with eyelids that slowly open just when you think the little darlings are asleep. A fast-paced, entertaining gem of a horror flick that never takes itself too seriously. The actors generally play with conviction, although they never seem quite as nervous as you or I would be, wondering if we'll not only wind up as a crab dinner but wind up eating one of our friends for dessert afterward!

Verdict: Great old monster flick. ***.

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