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Thursday, August 13, 2009


SAND SERPENTS (2009). Director: Jeff Renfroe. A Syfy Original Movie.

In a rip-off of Tremors, a team of United States army personnel in Afghanistan are saved from agents of the Taliban who are about to behead them when giant, carnivorous worms erupt from the desert and devour the bad guys. Jason Gedrick is the only well-known cast member, and he and the other actors do a nice job. As usual, there's a great deal of talk in the movie with sporadic attacks by the worms (who are never given an origin), who are brought to life with more-than-adequate computer animation. The best scene has one of the monsters suddenly rising up to attack a blackhawk on a rescue mission. Good ending as well. What idiot decided to rename the Sci Fi Channel Syfy?

Verdict: Okay if you don't expect too much. **.

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