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Thursday, August 20, 2009


MISS MARPLE: A POCKET FULL OF RYE (2008). Director: Charles Palmer. Shown on Masterpiece Mystery/PBS. Teleplay by Kevin Elyot.

Miss Marple (Julia McKenzie) investigates when a young lady who once worked for her, Gladys (the unfortunately named Rose Heiney), is found murdered in an uppercrust British household. But Gladys' murder isn't even the first one. Businessman Rex Fortescue is poisoned, found with rye in his pocket, beginning a series of strange and unfortunate events which the police and Miss Marple try to solve (guess who comes up with the solution?) This is a good, pretty faithful adaptation of a very interesting and satisfying Agatha Christie mystery novel. McKenzie plays a somewhat younger and sharper Marple than usual, and is very good in the role. Housekeeper Mrs. Crump is played by Wendy Richard, who once was the "dead common" Shirley in Are You Being Served? The British actors in the cast all know how to play this period piece with the right snap and style.

Verdict: Good show! ***.

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