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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


THE CRIME DOCTOR'S GAMBLE (1947). Director: William Castle.

The Crime Doctor, Dr. Ordway (Warner Baxter), is visiting Paris and touching base with an old friend, the Prefecture of Police (Marcel Journet), when he becomes embroiled in another murder case in which a rich man is supposedly murdered by his estranged, disinherited son, Henri (Roger Dann). Steven Geray plays the family lawyer, and Micheline Cheirel is Henri's wife, Mignon. Eduardo Ciannelli is a welcome presence as Mignon's knife-throwing father, Maurice. There's also a series of paintings, more deaths, and a climax at an auction before the killer is exposed -- it won't be that much of a surprise to anyone. Still, this holds the attention and is generally well acted.

Verdict: Okay time passer. **1/2.

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