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Thursday, April 26, 2018


Just out in epub from Cemetery Dance publishers is another of my vintage horror novels, Fatal Beauty. This over-the-top, black comedy-like thriller is a bit of a departure for me, but I hope people will find it ghoulish fun. The premise has to do with a remarkable new makeup that can be used on everyone from burn victims to the homely to the disfigured, and also has the miraculous ability to turn anyone into their heart's desire (which could -- and does -- have some weird consequences, if you think about it). The great cover is by elderlemon design, a firm run by author Kealan Patrick Burke. Several other titles of mine are available as well. It can be ordered on the CD website, from Barnes and Noble, or Amazon.

"**As Featured in PAPERBACKS FROM HELL** They called it porodyne. A bizarre by-product of bio-engineering, porodyne has been found -- quite accidentally -- to have some very special properties. Properties that could render cosmetic surgery obsolete. Properties that could turn Barrows Industries into a billion-dollar gold mine. The changes porodyne makes in human skin are permanent. It could mean new life for burn victims, people scarred by accidents, old folk yearning to be young again, models who insist on being more beautiful... But the miracles it promises its first human test subjects rely on one all-important -- and totally unpredictable -- element: their desire to become beautiful. And if beauty results from beautiful thoughts -- what unnatural horrors must await those consumed by evil?" 


angelman66 said...

This NEEDS to be a screenplay, too, Bill! Who would your dream cast be?

William said...

Yikes, I'll have to reread the book to remember exactly who all the characters are, LOL. The heroine is a bit plain and dumpy so few Hollywood actresses would want to take the role, although the objects of her affection are beautiful and it would not be a problem casting them. Some fine old character actors wcould play the assorted scientists and surgeons. My dream cast (for this or for anything) would be Barbara Stanwyck, Clifton Webb, Edward G. Robinson, Charles Laughton and Tab Hunter -- alas most are no longer available!

angelman66 said...

Wow, I would buy that DVD for sure!

William said...

Me, too!