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Thursday, January 11, 2018


Superman vs Nuclear Man from Superman IV

This week Great Old Movies looks at films that star famous super-heroes such as Superman and Batman. We first look at comic book heroes whose exploits were adapted for cliffhanger serials (such as Blackhawk and Spy Smasher), then jump to films of the seventies and more recent flicks such as Wonder Woman. We've also got a section on animated features, most of which star Batman or Superman. In other words, we've got more super-powered and/or heroic (or villainous) characters than you can shake a stick at! Enjoy!

NOTE: All of the heroic characters covered this week originally appeared in comic books with the exception of Captain Midnight, whose exploits were first charted on the radio and in the serial before he got his own successful comic book series. 


angelman66 said...

Hi Bill - Big Superman fan here, especially as portrayed by Mr. Christopher Reeve. I was privileged to meet him once, in 1994, just before his accident, when he visited the regional theater where I was working for a benefit. He was kind, gracious, open and did not play "the star" at all. I was so so impressed with the way that he triumphed in life later on despite that horrible twist of fate. He was even more a Superman enduring the trials that he did.
Hope your new year is going well!

William said...

You, too Chris! Yes, Reeve had something awful happen to him but managed to deal with it in a way that would test many others.

Some years ago I read in the paper about a woman who lost her young son when he was hit by a car, and that very night he had been thrilled to meet "Superman" in person. The heartbroken mother was nevertheless happy and touched that her boy had met her idol and that Reeve was so warm and kind to the child, something she shared not long after Reeve passed away. Sad story all around.