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Thursday, January 18, 2018


Peter Strauss
TEXAS JUSTICE (1995 telefilm). Director: Dick Lowry.

Wealthy Thomas Cullen Davis (Peter Strauss) has a messy divorce from his wife, Priscilla (Heather Locklear), who is no angel herself. But when a gunmen enters the Davis mansion where she now resides, her boyfriend and daughter are shot to death, and she escapes with her life. During a trial Priscilla swears that Thomas was the perpetrator, and when he gets off, she's afraid that he's not quite through with her yet ... Texas Justice is based on a true story, and the developments are appalling. Strauss makes a compelling leading man, and there's nice work from Locklear [Looney Tunes: Back in Action] as well, with excellent support from Dennis Franz as Davis' lawyer "Racehorse" Haynes, The second half of the movie/mini-series is not as good as the first, and could have been been truncated, but this basically makes an entertaining true-crime story, and it certainly shows how the legal system can be very cleverly manipulated by highly skilled defense attorneys. Strauss did the narration for a new release of the classic French children's film White Mane.

Verdict: Apparently the rich can get away with murder. **1/2.


angelman66 said...

This one looks good. I have liked Strauss ever since he starred opposite Nick Nolte in the 1970s miniseries Rich Man, Poor Man. He is a fellow alum of Northwestern U, my alma mater, so has always been one to watch for me. I must have missed this one though, it looks memorable and now I need to see it!
- C

William said...

It's on youtube. I remember "Rich Man" was big stuff in the day, possibly the very first major mini-series. Strauss never quite had the film career that Nolte had, but he certainly did not disappear.

Chris -- thanks for your comments!