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Thursday, June 15, 2017


I recently got a warning from Google ads about alleged pornographic and inappropriate content on this blog!

The only thing I can think of that might have offended anyone was a photo that accompanied my review of the Greek thriller The Wife Killer. The photo depicted a man and woman in a quiet moment in bed -- they were not having sex -- but the woman's breast was exposed. I thought this was so mild -- I mean, we've all seen naked breasts in regular, non-pornographic movies since the sixties and certainly thereafter -- that I was surprised anyone could object, but object they obviously did.

I replaced the photo with the one you see now, a poster for the movie showing a woman being murdered!

Isn't it kind of sad that an image of brutality is considered by some to be less offensive than one that's mildly erotic?


Neil A Russell said...

Well thank goodness you showed some good old fashioned violence instead of a (gasp!) "naughty" image.
I attended an event hosted by Charles Band some years ago and he was voicing his disdain for the prudishness of (I got to "of" and couldn't think of a group to insert) just whomever it is that decides that the human form is despicable to view and violence is a delight. I guess some things will never change.
Is old man Hays still around?

William said...

The spirit of Hays lives on, LOL! Years ago Mad magazine did a feature spoofing the acceptance of violence vs the naysaying on sex. They showed a couple necking on a park bench -- which elicited an outcry -- but it was perfectly okay when a steamroller came along and squashed the couple!

angelman66 said...

I have no idea who is reporting people's blogs and Pinterest boards as obscene. I happen to have a Pinterest board with good-looking male models in speedos, with a few artistic and tasteful nudes thrown in for good measure (no frontal at all). My board got shut down for months and I onlyjust got it reinstated after explaining how there is a distinction between nudity and pornography...(sigh)

I actually feel bad for the people who get scandalized/titillated/outraged/riled up/obsessive enough to go flagging people's posts--they are probably even getting less s*x than I am!


William said...

Chris, you're terrific, LOL! Can't believe that in this day and age Pinterest gave you such a hard time! I guess some people just can't deal with naked breasts, male or female! And I can imagine it takes forever to convince the powers-that-be on these sites that you've done nothing wrong. I wonder if google even looked at my blog or just reacted to someone reporting the site.

You're right -- some people need to get a life!