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Friday, June 23, 2017


Something rotten's in this "Lake"

Well, in honor of Gay Pride, here is Great Old Movies' annual round-up of LGBT films. There's not as many this year, because I spent too much time on my B Movie Series and Round Up of Movie Bad Guys  -- even I  have only so much time to watch movies -- but I may have a fresh crop of gay flicks later in the year.

Anyway, we've got The Christine Jorgensen Story from 1970, and more recent flicks such as Robin Williams in Boulevard; the kind of sleazy crime drama King Cobra; the disappointing and rather regressive Stranger By the Lake from France; and the excellent Jeffrey Schwarz-directed documentary, Vito, about gay writer and activist Vito Russo.


angelman66 said...

Hi Bill - I can't believe June is almost over! Looking forward to this week's entries, as always! Happy Pride!

William said...

And Happy Gay Pride to you, too! Yep, each year the time goes faster!