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Thursday, January 14, 2016


Dorothy Malone and Jim Davis
THE DAY TIME ENDED (1979. Director: John "Bud" Cardos.

When a triple super-nova occurs 200 light years away, it finally has an effect on earth, particularly a family living in an isolated home in the desert. Strange space ships fly through the air, there's a weird little stop-motion Gumby in the little girl's bedroom, and two giant pudgy behemoths have it out outside the living room. It occurs to Grant (Jim Davis of Monster from Green Hell and Dallas) that the property is in the middle of a time-space warp or vortex, which is why so many bizarre things are happening. It all leads into the family traveling to a new world or dimension -- as well as to a rather stupid ending. There is some decent stop-motion animation (Randy Cook; David Allen; Paul W. Gentry), uninteresting monsters of mediocre design, and assorted light shows over the desert. One too many scenes are illogically staged (who just stands there when you think the family car is being stolen?). The best scene has Grant stepping outside and discovering dozens of missing aircraft of all kinds in the front yard, but even this is sort of borrowed from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. One might wonder how Dorothy Malone [Written on the Wind] wound up in this 99 cent production, but she gives a solid performance, and the others, including Christopher Mitchum as her son-in-law, are okay. To say this is far, far below the level of a Ray Harryhausen production is a major understatement. Cardos also directed The Dark the same year.

Verdict: Some good things and a bit of suspense in this. **1/2.


Neil A Russell said...

One of the "classics" from producer Charles Band back when he could still get a budget.
Not especially memorable except for some of Dave Allen's stop motion that could also be seen in "Laserblast" and "Robot Jox" among others.
Seems like it used to get put in the rotation for the late late movies on CBS back in the mid to late 1980s.
Probably better overall than Charlie's "End of the World", but still fun stuff from the era that brought us things like "Giant Spider Invasion" and "Food of the Gods".

William said...

Now those are classics, LOL!

I have not seen "End of the World" and "Laserblast" since their theatrical releases when I probably saw them in one of the 42nd street theaters on double or triple bills. Of course I must see them again!

And Neil, many, many thanks for the review on Amazon of "Monster World" -- it is much appreciated and has helped sales! Thank you so much!

angelman66 said...

Oh, I LOVE cheesy sci fi, and this one looks good enough to eat. Thanks, Bill!!

William said...

It's probably still on you tube, a bit grainy but presentable. Enjoy! Dottie still looks good in this!

Neil A Russell said...

You are most welcome Bill, I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and hope it gets out to a wide audience.
It was a genuine treat to read something that had a good story, believable characters, and plenty of action.
Now if Hollywood could just figure that equation out!