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Thursday, January 21, 2016


Michal Dlouhy and Dana Moravkova
A VILLAGE ROMEO AND JULIET (1992). Director: Petr Weigl.

In this filmed adaptation of Frederick Delius' opera of the same name, Sali (Michal Dlouhy) and Vreli (Dana Moravkova) are childhood sweethearts whose fathers become bitter enemies over a lawsuit over property. Later on Sali accidentally kills Vreli's father, Marti (Pavel Mikulik), and he and the woman he loves go off together despite her mixed emotions. There they wind up with a group of bohemians and outlaws among which the couple do not really feel comfortable. The two make a sad decision ... A Village Romeo and Juliet is beautifully filmed, well-acted, and marvelously sung. Dlouhy and Moravkova, both very attractive actors, do expert pantomiming while Arthur Davies and Helen Field do the outstanding vocalizing. Star baritone Thomas Hampson both sings and acts the role of the "Dark Fiddler" and is excellent on both counts. Delius' music is intensely romantic and there are moments of real beauty in the score.

Verdict: Good things to look at and beautiful music to hear. ***1/2.

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