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Thursday, November 6, 2014


A BULLET FOR PRETTY BOY (1970). Director: Larry Buchanan.

In this pretty much entirely fictionalized story of "Pretty Boy" Floyd (former pop singer/teen idol Fabian Forte), Floyd is a sympathetic figure who only fell into crime because he was unfairly accused of murdering the man who shot his father to death. Before long prison escapee Floyd is under the wing of a middle-aged madame named Beryl (Annabelle Weenick), robbing banks with confederates, and becoming a kind of handsome folk hero. Forte doesn't disgrace himself in the role but the acting isn't the main strength of this movie, which is clearly aimed at the non-discriminating drive-in market and wears out its welcome pretty quickly. Larry Buchanan was also responsible for Zontar the Thing from Venus. At least this has somewhat better production values.

Verdict: Nothing all that pretty in this low-grade melodrama. **.

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