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Thursday, November 27, 2014


TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5000 (1958). Director/writer: Robert J. Gurney Jr.

On an isolated island scientists are working on a machine that can both send and receive items to and from the future. It takes nearly an hour for them to drag the title "terror" from the future, a radioactive woman (Salome Jens) who kills in a panic and runs about like a mutant, clawed chicken with its head cut off. The picture becomes livelier with her appearance, but not much better, as it is basically a low-budget sci fi programmer with a couple of interesting ideas but mediocre execution. Jens is the only actor in the cast who makes any kind of impression, and she went on to better things, such as the excellent Seconds with Rock Hudson. The movie is badly over-scored. Leading lady Joyce Holden was also in The Werewolf.

Verdict: Go out and miss this visitor. **.

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