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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Lynda Day George hides from Telly Savalas
SHE CRIED MURDER (1973 telefilm). Director: Herschel Daugherty.

Sarah Cornell (Lynda Day George) is riding the subway one night when she sees a man pushing a woman in front of the train. When she calls the police, one of the inspectors who shows up, Brody (Telly Savalas of Horror Express), turns out to be the very man she saw in the subway. She keeps her mouth shut, but a paranoid Brody kidnaps Sarah's young son, and tells her if she just says nothing to anybody the boy will be okay ... The excellent premise of this ABC "Movie of the Week" is Hitchcockian, but the movie quickly degenerates into a mere woman-in-jeopardy chase film when it could have been so much more. Day is fine, Savalas is reasonably compelling in a bad guy role, and Kate Reid and Mike Farrell are okay in supporting parts, but this needs much more development and tension. Some of the heroine's actions are incredibly stupid as well.

Verdict: Time-filler that wastes a great idea. **.

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