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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Halloween Resurrection: one of the all-time worst?
The web site "Do You Remember?" has compiled a list of "The Top Ten Worst Movies of All Time" by Dalton Wignall. His choices include such films as Gigli, Battlefield Earth, Troll 2, as well as some I've never heard of, like The Hottie and the Nottie and Birdemic: Shock and Terror, which at first I thought was a new name for Beaks: The Movie, but sadly is not. The only two movies I actually saw that were on his list were Jaws: The Revenge, which as I recall was terrible, and Batman and Robin, which I found silly and mediocre, but hardly one of the "worst" movies ever made [although Wignall is right that it's more fun the first time you see it than years later].

Anyway, it's an interesting article, and might get you to start thinking about your own candidates for Most Terrible Movie Ever.

Certainly my own list of Top Ten Worst Movies would have to include Piranha of 2010, possibly the only movie on this blog that I have given zero stars, although there may be others. Other stinkers include The World's Greatest Sinner, Death Kappa and Supergator. Unfortunately, there have been many more.

Although the golden age produced its share of bad movies, few of them were totally hopeless as they sometimes tend to be in more recent years. Even those cheapie Monogram movies with classic B movie casts have something to recommend them [those casts!]. But the low-budget movies of today and of more recent vintage generally can't even boast interesting actors, more's the pity.

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