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Thursday, May 5, 2011


 LOST, LONELY AND VICIOUS (1958). Director: Frank Myers.

Johnnie Dennis (Ken Clayton) is an actor who's just gotten his first big break -- a big screen starring role. But this weird, disaffected, disinterested (and frankly, not terribly interesting) character doesn't even attend the premiere of his movie to bask in the glory -- just one scene in so many scenes that simply don't ring true. The death-obsessed Dennis has a sometime girlfriend, his acting coach Tanya (Lilyan Chauvin), but he seems more interested in the younger Helen (Barbara Wilson). The craggily-handsome Clayton has undeniably striking looks and charisma, and isn't a bad actor, although the two aforementioned ladies make the best impression. Richard Gilden isn't bad as Walt, another jealous actor, but many of the other performers are amateurish. Neither believable nor well-written, Lost, Lonely and Vicious has a great title but little else besides nice theme music to recommend it.

Verdict: For the curious only. **.

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