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Thursday, May 5, 2011


THE ADMIRAL WAS A LADY (1950). Director: Albert S. Rogell.

Four Army buddies live together in an old barracks collecting benefits while avoiding real jobs at any cost. Into their lives comes a former wave named Jean (Wanda Hendrix), whom they affectionately refer to as the "admiral." Jean tries to inspire the boys -- Edmond O'Brian, Johnny Sands, Richard Erdman and Steve Brodie -- to summon up some ambition but they seem more interested in attempting to romance her. Hilary Brooke appears briefly as does Rudy Vallee. This alleged comedy hasn't got a single decent laugh,and it becomes even worse when it starts to get sentimental. It's the kind of dopey picture in which jokes about sacroiliacs are repeated ad nauseam.Still, even this piece of merde has its admirers. Edmond O'Brian [D.O.A..; The Bigamist] was a fine dramatic actor but a great comedian he wasn't. 

Verdict: You'll forget it even while it's on. *. 

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