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Thursday, January 14, 2010


DEADLY WEB (1993 telefilm). Director: Jorge Montesi.

Terri Lawrence (Gigi Rice) is a divorced woman with a young son who comes to work at a hospital. She becomes the latest victim of an Internet nut case who calls himself "Cyber-God." He maxes out her credit cards, closes her bank accounts, sends her frightening messages -- and may even be someone she works with everyday. Raphael Sbarge and John Welsey Shipp [The Flash] are among the suspects; Ed Morinaro is an ex-cop whose partner was killed by Cyber-God and is now after him on his own. Ted McGinley is Terri's ex-husband and Andrew Lawrence plays her son. Reasonably suspenseful TV movie isn't badly acted even if it holds few surprises.

Verdict: Okay mystery. **1/2.

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