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Thursday, January 7, 2010


BEST FRIENDS (2005 telefilm). Director: Michael Scott.

Beth (Megan Gallagher), a recovering alcoholic with a husband and young son, is gratified to have such a good friend as Claudia (Claudette Mink, pictured), who takes charge when things become overwhelming for Beth. Unfortunately, Claudia is a functioning sociopath, and friendship means little to her when she wants something and you're standing in her way. Neither husband, best friend, nor even children mean anything to her. This is an absorbing, well-acted "psycho-bitch" movie with an especially heartless villainess. Not bad "cat-fight" at the climax. Nels Lennarson certainly makes an impression as the sexy "bad boy" who gets involved with Claudia, to his regret.

Verdict: Entertaining teletrash. ***.

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