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Thursday, November 19, 2009


CIRCLE OF FRIENDS (2006 telefilm). Director: Stefan Pleszczynski.

Maggie (Julie Benz, pictured) returns to the town where she grew up for a funeral, and discovers that several of her old high school class mates have recently died in accidents. Or were they accidents? One of the victims is her late husband. She renews a relationship with old boyfriend Harry (Chris Kramer) and tries to get a detective (Peter Dillion) to seriously investigate the situation. Does it all have something to do with a photograph of a picnic years before? This is a suspenseful mystery that doesn't telegraph its conclusion too obviously, and is well-acted by [almost] all; Nicolas Wright leaves no stereotype unturned in his dreadful portrayal of Rodney, an obviously gay fashion designer. The murderer-unmasking scene is a bit abrupt and unreal.

Verdict: A pleasant, somewhat intriguing time passer. **1/2.


paparatka said...

Do you, by any chance, know the title of the song in the film and who sings it? I mean the one at the end... I've been searching the Internet for some information but there seems to be none.

William said...

Not even on the Internet Movie Data Base []. They list virtually every credit for the movie -- including the caterer -- but there's no mention of the song or singer. Sorry. if it's important you might contact the producer who's listed under the film at Bill

paparatka said...

Exactly, even does not mention the song. However, I had found elsewhere information about other soundtracks which was missing on imdb. So I hoped I would this time too, but in vain.
If you could find out the title and the singer, it would really mean a lot to me. Thanks in advance. :)
Greetings from Poland.
And have a Happy New Year!