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Thursday, November 26, 2009


THE WALKING DEAD (1936). Director: Michael Curtiz.

After John Ellman (Boris Karloff) is framed for murder by criminals and executed, he's brought back to life by Dr. Beaumont (Edmund Gwenn) via the use of assorted electrical devices. This Frankenstein-inspired horror film has Ellman going after the gangsters who framed him one by one and bringing about their deaths. Ricardo Cortez plays Karloff's crooked lawyer. The movie isn't bad -- neither is Karloff nor Marguerite Churchill as his daughter -- but the mix of horror with gangland doesn't quite work and the story is certainly predictable. Warren Hull, who starred in several cliffhanger serials, is also in the cast, as are Barton MacLane and Joe Sawyer. Churchill was also in Dracula's Daughter. Warner Brothers.

Verdict: Karloff always gets his man! **1/2.


Colin said...

I was very pleased with this one when I got the Warner DVD box last month. By mixing in the gangster stuff it really stands out as a WB film, quite distinct from the Universal horrors of the period. I thought it was pretty unique in that respect and it worked for me.

William said...

You've made a good point about it standing out from the Universal films; that didn't occur to me as I watched it.

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your comment!