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Thursday, October 1, 2009


THE CYCLOPS (1957). Director: Bert I. Gordon.

"The secret of continuous, limitless multiplication of living cells in ordinary animals."

Susan Winter (Gloria Talbott) travels to Mexico with a motley group in search of her fiance who crashed in an isolated jungle. Her companions include friend and scientist Russ (James Craig), pilot Lee (Tom Drake), and uranium-seeker Marty (Lon Chaney Jr.). Inside the "jungle" the little band discovers that radioactive properties of the soil have turned all of the animals and insects into huge monstrosities -- and what about that thirty foot giant who's wandering around? Could it be ...? Don't expect anything Oscar-worthy with The Cyclops, but it is very entertaining for those who are in a "BIG" [Bert I. Gordon] and monstrous mood. Despite it's cheapness, the film is done with a certain low-budget and economical flair. Albert Glasser's music is a plus, as usual, and the performances, especially by Chaney, are more than adequate. Gordon also directed The Amazing Colossal Man and War of the Colossal Beast, among many others. NOTE: For more on this film and others like it, see Creature Features.

Verdict: Great fun for fans of creature features. ***.

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