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Thursday, May 7, 2009


WATCH IT, SAILOR! (1961). Director: Wolf Rilla.

A sailor named Albert (John Meillon) is late for his own wedding, but a bigger problem occurs when he gets a message from the Navy saying he can't marry for certain legal reasons. Everyone jumps to conclusions and thinks there's another woman out there with a claim of some kind. Although Dennis Price is top-billed -- he plays the Lt. Commander who follows up the message with a visit -- the real star is Marjorie Rhodes, who plays Emma Hornet (and well-named she is), the take charge and take no prisoners mother of the bride-to-be. Cyril Smith and Irene Handl are also excellent as Emma's husband and sweet if vague sister-in-law, Edie. Liz Fraser and Graham Stark are fine as a neighbor and Albert's Navy buddy. Watch It, Sailor is an amusing, good-natured romp with wonderful comic actors bringing it all to vivid life.

Verdict: Watch It Indeed! ***.

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