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Thursday, May 21, 2009


TEENAGE MILLIONAIRE (1961). Director: Lawrence Doheny.

Bobby (Jimmy Clanton) is a nice boy with a pleasant singing voice who only wants to have fun, go to parties, do a little singing, swing with the chicks, y'know? Unfortunately Bobby is a rich kid and his aunt (Zasu Pitts) doesn't want him doing much of anything for fear he might come to harm or be kidnapped. She hires Rocky (Rocky Graziano) to be Bobby's bodyguard. That's about all the plot there is in this musical which consists mostly of acts by Chubby Checker, Jackie Wilson, Dion, and others. Oh yes, Bobby gets a girlfriend at one point -- they fight, but make up. The movie is in black and white; the musical numbers are sepia. Clanton has a pleasant personality; he only made one other movie, two years previously, Go, Johnny, Go! Zasu Pitts is her usual dithery self. Graziano is no actor, but he's likable. Also with pretty Diane Jergens.

Verdict: You can sleep through this and not miss a thing. *.

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