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Thursday, May 7, 2009


THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO (1966). Director: David Lane. This is a feature-length version of a British TV show about a father and several sons who form a group called International Rescue. There is also a female associate named Lady Penelope who participates in some adventures along with her major domo, Parker. Zero-X, a new flight craft, is sabotaged and destroyed on its first mission, and the Tracy boys are called in. The movie has very little plot and consists mostly of dull scenes of various aircraft docking, lifting off, etc. etc. -- a lot of padding which along with the dramatic music doesn't disguise the fact that this has a lousy script. The actors are puppets with moving lips and other limited motions. You get awfully sick of hearing Parker call Penelope "Milady." The miniatures and other effects are well done, but this needs a more interesting story line.

Verdict: Even Attack of the Puppet People was more fun. *.

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