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Thursday, April 23, 2009


THE TWONKY (1953). Director: Arch Obeler.

"Individualism is the basis of all great art."

Cary West (Hans Conreid) discovers that a TV set that has been delivered to him is a robot from the future than can even walk around when it wants to. This was probably meant to be an allegory on how television was taking over everyone's lives in the fifties (and beyond) but the problem with the movie is that while it's a little crazy, it's never especially funny. The exception is the amusing Coach Trout, played by Billy Lynn, who also appeared in The Outcasts of Poker Flat. Conreid's performance is fine, but the material he's been given to play is mediocre. A few minor chuckles along the way. Evelyn Beresford is fun as an old woman who gives Conreid a ride, and the hapless Gloria Blondell appears as a woman from a collection agency.

Verdict: Have some twinkies instead of a twonky. *1/2.

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