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Thursday, April 9, 2009


OF MICE AND MEN (1992). Director: Gary Sinise.

John Steinbeck's heartbreaking study of loneliness and shattered dreams has such a strong story that it carries this flawed remake both starring and directed by Sinise (pictured). As actor and director Sinise is perfectly competent but rather lightweight, although he certainly isn't bad as George Milton. Although John Malkovich is not as memorable as Lon Chaney Jr. in the 1939 version, he is more on the money as Lennie. Ray Walston offers a solid performance as old Candy -- is there anything more pathetic than seeing him crying on the cot after his dog has been shot?-- and Casey Siemaszko scores as the nasty little Curly. Sherilynn Fenn is excellent as Curly's unnamed wife, who is much more sympathetic in this version. This also gives a good scene [per the novel] to the black character Crooks (a vivid Joe Morton), as in the original version. The 1939 version was more artistic, but this version has its own strengths, a certain graphicness, and it does pull one along. But it's empowered every step of the way by Steinbeck's genius. Screenplay by Horton Foote.

Verdict: Disturbing and affecting. ***1/2.


Of Mice And Men Movie said...

Great movie !! It took me forever to get ahold of this movie. I had waited 2 weeks for it to be returned to the movie store. I waited four hours until the man brought it back to make sure I got it.

William said...

Don't know how I missed your comment, but I'm glad you finally got the movie!