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Thursday, February 26, 2009


TWISTED. 2004. Director: Philip Kaufman.

Ashley Judd plays a homicide detective who is understandably freaked when a series of men with whom she had intimate relations turn up brutally murdered. A series of blackouts makes her wonder if she has a subconscious dark side that is committing terrible deeds in the night. Andy Garcia is her new partner, and Samuel L. Jackson is a superior who was a good friend of her dead parents (Ashley's father went on a killing spree whose victims included her mother) and has been her mentor ever since. Twisted holds the attention but it's a little too gimmicky for its own good. Ashley Judd – an actress better suited for light romantic fare such as Someone Like You – wouldn't have been my choice for the role, but she isn't as bad as you might expect. Garcia seems largely befuddled, and Jackson plays with assurance – but nobody expected any Oscar nominations for any of the three. Kaufman's direction is professional but uninspired.

Verdict: An okay time waster but nothing very memorable. **.

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