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Thursday, February 5, 2009


LUV (1967). Director: Clive Donner.

One night on the Brooklyn Bridge Harry Berlin (Jack Lemmon) meets up with an old classmate Milt Manville (Peter Falk), who doesn't seem to notice that Harry is trying to commit suicide. Milt wants his wife, Ellen (Elaine May) to divorce him so that he can marry the bimbo Linda (Nina Wayne) and he importunes Harry to romance Ellen for his sake. This all leads to some complicated and frequently amusing couplings. Based on a play by Murray Schisgal, Luv is often very silly and it isn't helped by Jack Lemmon's constant mugging. Falk and May are excellent however. Nina Wayne is no actress but she's well-cast as Linda. Some very funny lines and the Niagara Falls "do you still love me?" scene is hilarious. Ellen and her charts of sexual intimicy are also a scream.

Verdict: If you're in a silly mood. ***.

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