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Thursday, February 5, 2009


ELEKTRA (2004). Director: Rob Bowman.

Elektra (Jennifer Garner) from Daredevil (both the comic book and the movie) stars in her own feature film, which begins in a stylish and arresting fashion but quickly goes downhill from there. Elektra is a contract killer whose latest assignment is to murder a man and his young daughter whom she has recently met. Unable to do the dirty deed, she decides to help them against the assassins of the criminal organization The Hand. These super-powered assassins include Typhoid and Tattoo, who can make the tattoos on his body come to life (like Green Lantern's old foe The Tattooed Man). The girl, Abby, turns out to have powers of her own but is otherwise just an annoyance. The film consists of empty special effects, way too much slow motion, and a lot of running around to little purpose and virtually no entertainment value. Jennifer Garner looks hot in her red outfit but the movie wastes her less obvious talents. Terrence Stamp turns up as her teacher. Some of Christopher Black's music is nice. A major disappointment.

Verdict: Don't expect a sequel to this one. *1/2.

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