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Monday, September 22, 2008


HOSTILE WITNESS (1968). Director: Ray Milland.
Simon Crawford suffers a nervous breakdown when his daughter is killed by a hit and run driver. When an old friend and neighbor of his is murdered, the police feel that the dead man was the driver and that Crawford murdered him for revenge. Crawford is put on trial and has one of his associates, Sheila (Sylvia Syms) defend him. Although this is no Witness for the Prosecution, there are some interesting twists and a fair amount of suspense. Milland gives a vigorous performance, but he seems more interested in putting on a show than in establishing a strong and convincing characterization. Good supporting cast helps enormously. Milland directed at least three other films (including Panic in the year Zero) and quite a few television programs.
Verdict: Holds the attention. **1/2.

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