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Thursday, May 31, 2018


THE PACT. William Schoell. Cemetery Dance publishers.

Cemetery Dance publishers has released all of my vintage horror-suspense novels as epubs and The Pact is the last -- and in my humble opinion -- the best of the bunch.

The Pact begins during WW 2 when young Steven Russell is called into service, but decides to do something to protect himself from harm. Alas, things don't quite work out for him, and his body dies -- while he is serving on the U.S.S. Indianapolis during the sneak Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor -- while his mind lives on. Decades later his wife, Marjorie, has nightmares in which Steven calls out to her for help. She and an elderly psychic friend travel to Hawaii where they must wrestle with the ancient and alien demonic force that has possession of Steven, and which endangers the entire population of Hawaii with one alarming and terrifying incident after another.

The Pact is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and elsewhere. The paperback is currently selling for $510.00 [!!!] so grab this inexpensive epub while you can!

The great cover is by Elderlemon Design, a firm run by author Kealan Patrick Burke, and the digital design is by Dan Hocker.


angelman66 said...

LOL $510? Wow! Worth every penny though, right, Bill?
These out of print books and films are exceedingly rare.
I did pay a lot of money for an out-of-print dvd a few years back, though, so if you have to have it...

Have a great week, Bill!!

William said...

You, too, Chris.

Chris, generally your comments are forwarded to me in emails, but for some reason that isn't happening lately, or I would have responded sooner. Hopefully it's just a temporary glitch.