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Thursday, December 21, 2017



Great Old Movies will be back next week with more reviews. In the meantime, wrap your presents carefully (like the nerd in the Verizon commercials, I have never quite mastered this trick, which is why I send gift cards); don't watch your calories during your Holiday meal -- it's a calorie-free day -- and, whatever you do, don't forget to put the bourbon in the egg nog and the sweet potatoes, as well as a shot of dark Jamaican rum in the hopefully home-made apple pie!


Neil A Russell said...

I'd like to wish you the very best of a nog, pie, and associated liquors holiday season to you Bill!

angelman66 said...

The happiest of holidays to you and yours, Bill! Thank you for your prolific posts that I eagerly await each week, and for sharing your passion for film via Great Old Movies!

William said...

Neil and Chris, thank you both so very much! Have a great holiday and a wonderful 2018!