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Thursday, November 23, 2017



This week Great Old Movies takes a look at some of the memorable and not-so-memorable made-for-TV movies of the 1970's. It was in the late sixties that the networks started producing films directly for the television market (some of these were released as theatrical features overseas) and eventually they began showing them on a regular basis, such as on ABC's "Movie of the Week." These films tended to be in the thriller-mystery-suspense genre, with occasional horror and supernatural stories as well, but there were exceptions. They featured up and coming players, TV stars who were between gigs on their own series, and older actors who found employment on TV and not for the movie studios.

Some of these flicks were pretty bad, like The Cat Creature (although it did feature Gale Sondergaard!), and others, such as A Cold Night's Death, were quite memorable. One gets the impression that every other TV flick starred Kate Jackson or was directed by Curtis Harrington although this is probably not the case!.


I also want to call your attention to an exhibition on the wonderful classic fantasy film Mighty Joe Young put together by my friend Harry Heuser. You can read about the exhibition here. And below is the poster for the event. If you happen to be in Wales from now until February 2nd 2018, check it out!


Growth Hacking Training said...

Amazing web log and really fascinating stuff you bought here! I positively learned plenty from reading through a number of your earlier posts in addition and set to drop a discuss this one!

William said...

Thank you, GHT.

angelman66 said...

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, Bill!
I used to LOVE the ABC Movie of the many wonderful stars playing varied roles. A lot of occult/thriller/horror themes, including the awful but watchable Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby...
and yes, Kate Jackson was featured in many, but I believe Belinda J. Montgomery was the queen! She seemed to appear every other week!

William said...

I almost looked at "Look what happened to Rosemary's Baby| for this week's telefilms but did other movies instead. I saw that when it first aired. I've heard of Montgomery but I can't picture her. Since I keep coming across these old telefilms on youtube I'm sure I'll get a look at her sooner or later, LOL!

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving as well!