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Thursday, September 7, 2017


Peter Sellers before diet
ORDERS ARE ORDERS (1955), Director: David Paltenghi.

Producer Ed Waggemyer (Sidney James) takes over an Army barracks so he can shoot what appears to be a perfectly dreadful sci fi epic on the grounds. To avoid his displeasure, actress Wanda Sinclair (Margot Grahame of Black Magic) flirts with Colonel Bellamy (Raymond Huntley) and has Ed give him a part in the film. The colonel's daughter, Veronica (June Thorburn of Escort for Hire) is an aspiring actress and for a time she seems to be the girlfriend of Captain Harper (Brian Reece), who is actually in love with professional actress Joanne Delamere (Maureen Swnnson of The Deadly Game). Despite all the busyness, absolutely nothing very amusing ever occurs throughout the 75 minute running time in this extremely dull service comedy.  Chief among the supporting cast is Peter Sellers, about forty pounds heavier than he was in his starring days, playing Private Goffin. Sellers and the rest of the cast offer good performances but it's a very minor service "comedy" that slips out of your mind even as you're watching it.

Verdict: When you can't even get a laugh out of Peter Sellers you know a movie is in trouble! *.


angelman66 said...

Wow, he does look portly here...this was well before he was introduced to American audiences.
- C

William said...

I imagine Sophia Loren would not have wanted him for her leading man had he continued to look like this, LOL!