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Thursday, September 1, 2016


Men of Scotland Yard: 
PHANTOM OF SOHO (aka Das Phantom von Soho/1964). Director: Franz Joseph Gottlieb. Based on a novel by Bryan Edgar Wallace (Wallace's son).

A series of slashings takes place in London, with the murders centering on the somewhat shady Zanzibar nightclub. Sir Phillip (Hans Sohnker) of Scotland Yard, who is friends with a lady mystery writer named Clarinda (Barbara Rutting), assigns the case to Chief Inspector Patton (Dieter Borsche). There are numerous suspects, including the club owner Joanna (Elisabeth Flickenshildt); her physician, Dr. Delmar (Werner Peters); Grover, a mysterious fellow with a birthmark (Otto Waldis); Gilyard, the club manager (Stanislav Ledinek); club photographer, Corinne (Helga Sommerfeld) and others. But as the investigation proceeds, many of the suspects themselves become victims. Phantom of Soho is a very suspenseful mystery, with an unexpected and excellent denouement, and a very plausible motive for the murders. Although this is a German film, it manages to get across the look and feel of Soho, thanks to Richard Angst's atmospheric photography. The dubbing on the film is so well done you'd almost swear the cast was actually speaking English. The cast member best known to American viewers is Otto Waldis, who was in everything from Call Northside 777 to Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.

Verdict: Very worthwhile West German suspense film. ***.


angelman66 said...

Will have to check this one out - have never heard of it.

William said...

Not bad thriller with a very good ending.