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Thursday, March 31, 2016

THE FLASH GORDON SERIALS, 1936 - 1940: A Heavily Illustrated Guide

THE FLASH GORDON SERIALS, 1936 - 1940: A Heavily Illustrated Guide. Roy Kinnard, Tony Crnkovich, and R. J. Vitone. McFarland; 2008.

Packed with rare photographs, The Flash Gordon Serials takes a loving look back at the three cliffhanger serials devoted to Flash Gordon in the late 1930s: Flash Gordon, Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars, and Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe. The authors provide a synopsis of each and every chapter, as well as production and other notes for most of the installments, and include an appendix listing all of the actors in these serials with background info. There are also sections on Buck Rogers and the 1980 Flash Gordon, along with other interpretations of the character. I confess I have never been that big a fan of the Flash Gordon serials -- although they have their loopy charm -- and the authors dismiss the Republic serials out of hand, but this book will certainly interest the fans who love these chapter plays as much as the authors obviously do. Lavishly illustrated.

Verdict: For Flash Gordon fanatics, sci fi addicts, and serial enthusiasts. ***.

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