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Thursday, March 17, 2016


The "Indominus Rex" faces down the cast
JURASSIC WORLD (2015). Director: Colin Trevorrow.

Jurassic Park has been rebuilt and sightseers flock to it in droves. Everything seems safe and secure. But an animal worker named Owen (Chris Pratt) is alarmed to learn that the new star attraction, a creature called "Indominus Rex," may be much more dangerous and intelligent than expected. Naturally, this creature breaks out of confinement, along with all manner of dinosaurs, and the body count begins. As usual, there are young kids involved in the action, the nephews of an administrator named Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard). When a nice assistant who tries to help the boys is tossed around for what seems like hours by hungry pterodactyls and a sea beast, which eventually devours her, it seems incredibly sadistic (and perhaps her boss would have made a better victim) -- worse, neither the kids nor anyone else ever express the slightest remorse about her death; but then the characterization in this is minimal, a problem the actors do little to resolve. The effects are excellent, the Indominus makes quite a villain, the movie is fast-paced and entertaining, but while the dinosaurs may be warm-blooded some of the humans behind it are aren't. The third highest grossing movie ever! Chris Pratt is the once-chubby sitcom actor who reinvented himself as a lean, if thick-necked, "hunk." This is not as good as Jurassic Park III.

Verdict: Exciting if dumb creature feature. **1/2.


angelman66 said...

Perfect review, Bill, I totally agree. Mindless action movie with GREAT special effects, and Chris Pratt is absolutely winning. I could watch him all day long!

Glad they have revived the Jurassic series. I always enjoyed it.

William said...

Considering the profits this one made, there are bound to be more: Jurassic Planet; What Ever Happened to Baby Jurassic? Hush, hush Sweet Jurassic; and Return to Jurassic Place which has the surviving cast of Peyton Place being eaten by dinosaurs. Can't wait!

Handsome Pratt is poised to have a very big career if he doesn't fuck it up.

angelman66 said...

LOL@Bill - so true!!