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Thursday, August 20, 2015


Jake Weary and Maika Monroe
IT FOLLOWS (2014). Director/writer: David Robert Mitchell.

After a young lady named Jay Height (Maika Monroe of The Guest) has sex with her new friend, Jeff (Jake Weary), he tells her that the act of intercourse passed on a sexual demon who will kill her unless she has sex with someone else. But if that person is killed, she will also die. Therefore Jeff has good reason for Jay to get busy in the bedroom. The demon can look like anyone, friend or foe, and while it moves slowly, if it wants to get you it will. Jay and her friends try to come up with a scheme that will destroy this (unexplained) demon for good. It Follows certainly has an intriguing premise, and there are one or two creepy moments, but the script hardly makes the most of the interesting situations or the heroine's dilemma, the pace is so deliberate that eventually tedium sets in, and the climax hardly amounts to anything. In spite of that the film has gotten surprisingly good reviews, with some claiming it's the "best horror films in years." One can only imagine these raving twenty-somethings haven't seen that many horror films. Even You're Next was a lot better and more entertaining than this. The pretentious analysis I've read of the movie on the Internet is downright comical. On the plus side, the acting isn't bad -- Keir Gilchrist especially makes an impression as Paul -- and Mike Gioulaki's cinematography is first-class.

Verdict: This had possibilities which are just frittered away. **.

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