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Thursday, August 13, 2015


Ray Danton and Pascale Petit
CODE NAME: JAGUAR (aka Corrida our un espion/1965). Director: Maurice Labro.

Slick agent Jeff Larson (Ray Danton) is told to find the Russian spy operating out of an Army base in San Juan. Given the code name "Jaguar," Larson talks into his special ring and looks a bit silly doing so. Larson is not above using a cigarette to torture information out of an enemy agent, especially as it pertains to a strange weapon inside the hold of a Russian freighter. When Larson is captured and imprisoned on the ship, he discovers there's a mine aboard that could go off any second. In spite of this, Code Name: Jaguar has little real suspense and the constant banter between Larson and lady agent Pilar (Pascale Petit) quickly becomes tiresome. Helga Sommerfeld plays Lina Calderon, another lady with her eyes and lips on Larson. Danton [Too Much, Too Soon] is perfect for the role of the spy, punching the bad guys and lovin' the ladies with equal aplomb -- and his great voice isn't dubbed --  but this movie never quite takes off. A Spanish-French-West German co-production. Danton appeared in at least two other "eurospy" movies.

Verdict: Danton makes a good lead but needs a much better vehicle. **.

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