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Thursday, July 16, 2015


Marshall Thompson tries to phone home
WORLD OF GIANTS (1959 television series; 13 episodes.)

In this series, also known as WOG, Mel Hunter (Marshall Thompson), exposed to an unknown ingredient in rocket fuel, shrinks down to six inches and becomes a special agent. Hunter, who reports to Bill Winters (Arthur Franz), travels in a "specially constructed attache case" that has a little door on the side so Hunter can come and go as he pleases. There are only two episodes of the show, the first and last, available on youtube. The first, "Special Agent," has Hunter investigating spies inside a warehouse, encountering a hungry cat, and struggling to make a phone call on a rotary phone that seems gigantic to him. The last episode, "Off the Beat," has little Hunter trapped inside a piano during a case tying art treasure thefts to a jazz musician who may be an impostor. Obviously inspired by The Incredible Shrinking Man, these two episodes reveal a minor but nevertheless engaging show with an interesting premise. It's fun to see those genre specialists Thompson [Fiend Without a Face] and Franz [Atomic Submarine] appearing on the same program. Unlike the hero of Shrinking Man, Hunter doesn't seem the least bit depressed by his grotesque situation. Pretty Marcia Henderson [Deadly Duo] makes an appearance as Winters' associate in the final episode, and it would be great to see the likes of Peggie Castle, Douglas Dick, Pamela Duncan, Allison Hayes, and Edgar Barrier in other episodes.

Verdict: It's fun watching Thompson dodging those giant piano keys! ***.

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