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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Brad Harris and Tony Kendall
KISS KISS KILL KILL aka Kommissar X -- Jagd auf Unbekann/1966). Director: Gianfranco Parolini (Frank Kramer).  

Not to be confused with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, this movie is another dubbed Eurospy action flick. Despite the fact that the hero, Joe Walker (Tony Kendall), is a private eye and not a secret agent, the movie is still an imitation of Goldfinger with its megalomaniac villain, named Oberon [actor unknown], and his plan of hoarding all the world's gold on his private island. Oberon also has a force of cold-eyed blondes with the same hairdo whose minds have been made blank and only follow his specific orders. Like something out of Boston Blackie and innumerable films and TV shows afterward, our adventurer has a friendly but adversarial relationship with a cop, in this case Captain Rowland (Brad Harris). What's unusual in this situation is that the cop may be even better-looking than the private eye. Walker is hired by Joan (Maria Perschy), who works for the sinister Oberon, to find a missing nuclear scientist and uncovers a much more bizarre plot; both Walker and Rowland, with the help of Joan, team up to take down Oberon and save the world. This is the first of several "Kommissar X" films that Kendall, actually an Italian actor, appeared in. Harris was a handsome American actor who appeared in more of the Kommissar X films, as well as other Eurospy features, and was also on Falcon Crest and other US TV shows. Harris and Kendall [The Whip and the Body] make a good team. This is essentially a dubbed German film made with Italian and Yugoslavian co-financing.

Verdict: Not terrible, and a more elaborate production than usual, but Goldfinger it ain't. **1/2.

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