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Thursday, March 12, 2015


John Loder, Nancy Kelly and Otto Kruger
WOMAN WHO CAME BACK (1945). Director: Walter Colmes.

Returning to Eben Rock, Massachusetts after an absence of two years, Laura Webster (Nancy Kelly of The Bad Seed) is involved in a bus accident in which a strange old witch-like woman who appeared in the night out of nowhere and boarded the bus disappears. Laura was once ready to marry Dr. Matt Adams (John Loder of Old Acquaintance) and their feelings are rekindled, which disturbs Matt's sister, Ruth (Ruth Ford), who thinks Laura is a little strange. Laura herself thinks she's been possessed by an evil witch who was burned at the stake, and frightening incidents occur which has the whole town up in arms ... Woman Who Came Back has a rather interesting is-she-or-isn't-she? plot which is reminiscent of a classic EC comic story, but while the acting isn't bad, the picture lacks real tension and atmosphere. That's too bad, because the movie has some clever notions in it, as well as an interesting wind-up. Otto Kruger [The Jungle Captive] plays the town priest, and Almira Sessions is fun as the creepy, chattering, highly opinionated housekeeper, Bessie.

Verdict: Watch out for old ladies on buses. **1/2.

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