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Thursday, January 15, 2015


Warner Oland in youth

When 20th Century Fox decided to bring Charlie Chan to the big screen, their choice to play the role was middle-aged Swedish actor Warner Oland [1879 - 1938]. Despite his being Caucasian, Oland was quite effective in the role and appeared in many Chan pictures, some of the earlier ones of which are lost. Below are reviews of several of the films that are still among us: Charlie Chan in Paris; Charlie Chan in Egypt; Charlie Chan in Shanghai; Charlie Chan at the Circus; Charlie Chan at the Race Track; Charlie Chan at the Opera; Charlie Chan on Broadway; Charlie Chan at the Olympics; and Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo. Other Oland-Chan movies that have already been reviewed on this site include: The Black Camel; Charlie Chan in London; and Charlie Chan's Secret. Oland also gave excellent portrayals of the fiendish Fu Manchu in such films as Daughter of the Dragon.  Oland also appeared in The Jazz Singer and a great many other silent movies.

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