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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Patricia Knight and Cornel Wilde at the movies
SHOCKPROOF (1949). Director: Douglas Sirk.

Jenny Marsh (Patricia Knight), after serving five years for murder, reports to her parole officer, Griff Maratt (Cornel Wilde). Griff warns Jenny to stay away from her old boyfriend, gambler Harry Wesson  (John Baragrey) -- she killed someone to save Harry's  life -- because of his bad reputation, and sure enough Jenny is picked up in a raid while out with Harry. Griff deposits Jenny in his own household as an aide for his blind mother [who never needed an aide before] to supposedly keep her away from bad influences, but it isn't long before the two are holding hands at the movies. Things become increasingly melodramatic and unbelievable after that with someone else getting shot and the couple on the run ... Wilde and Knight had been married for twelve years when they made this picture, and were divorced two years later. They certainly make an attractive couple, and their performances aren't bad, either, although neither is especially outstanding. King Donovan has an effective turn as a parolee who throws himself to his death rather than go back to jail. Baragrey mostly did television and theater work and he gives a memorable performance in this. Knight was not untalented, and quite beautiful, but her film career suffered after her divorce from Wilde and she only appeared in two more movies.

Verdict: Sexy leads and a fast pace never hurt. **1/2.

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