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Thursday, October 3, 2013


We all know how many fans there are of old movies, but you may not know that there are also many fans of old-time radio. There are CDs collecting episodes of classic radio shows, and on you can download episodes of Lights Out! and other shows.

Harry Heuser has just come out with a book entitled Immaterial Culture: Literature, Drama, and the American Radio Play 1929 - 1954. As the publisher, Peter Land puts it, "Immaterial Culture engages with texts that are now largely unread and dismissed as trivial or dubious: the vast body of plays – thrillers, narrative poetry, comedy sketches, documentaries and adaptations of literature and drama – that aired on American network radio during the medium’s so-called golden age."

Lest one think the book might be dry reading, take a gander at the chapter titles:
Chapter 1
The “time between commercials”: Radio Culture and Criticism 1
Chapter 2
“Barbarians ready! Flash the orchestra!”: Stage and Studio 15
Chapter 3
“Yeah, hit’s jist like a library”: Broadcasting and Print 53
Chapter 4
“Rise up and speak, you voices!”: Medium and Zeitgeist 93
Chapter 5
“It’s going to hurt, but think of this”: Service and Self-Effacement 133
Chapter 6
“Until I know the thing I want to know”: Puzzles and Propaganda 173
Chapter 7
“If I’m alone one more second, I’ll go mad”: Dialogue and Interiority 209
Chapter 8
“This is Norman Corwin”: Voice and Vocabulary 255
Chapter 9
“Hawkers of feces? Costermongers of shit?”: Exits and Recantations 299

You can read more about the book here and order a copy -- print or ebook -- here or from Amazon. 

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